We are your trusted partner in success. Our firm offers a full range of professional services at a fair price to give you the individual attention that you deserve. Our goal is to provide the best tax services available to not only meet your needs for today but to plan for the unpredictable future.


Rest assured that when a need arises, The Cona Group is ready and capable to handle everything for you so you can focus on what matters most to you. Through years of experience, dedication and hard work we are committed to assist in helping to navigate through the complex and confusing tax system.


bioWith over 18 years of preparing taxes I have the background and experience to handle any tax situation. Enrolled to practice before the IRS since 2004 and a Fellow in the National Tax Practice Institute since 2009 I am a tax professional with the credentials to meet every need. Tax knowledge is only half of the picture, with over 10 years of corporate training experience I have the ability to patiently walk each client through the tax planning process.